Elevate 61 International

Elevate 61 International - male human trafficking in Texas


Why are they called Fellows?


Here, at Elevate 61 International, we commonly refer to male survivors of human trafficking as Fellows. This term is more commonly used in both medical and educational institutions but is relevant here.

It is defined as; a person in the same position or otherwise associated with another.

This organization takes pride in elevating men out of slavery and into a new life of freedom, integrity, and honor. Therefore, Fellows are treated with honor and respect from day one.  

Freedom Stage (~ 14 days)


During the Freedom Stage, Fellows are assessed to determine their exact needs. They are usually transported to emergency housing for rest. This place provides Fellows with a bed, clothing, a shower, and healthy meals and allows our staff to process their intake documents and consent forms if they decide to participate in any of our programs.

Stability Stage (~ 6 Months)


If Fellows meet the basic requirements and are willing to participate, then they are able to enter the Stability Stage. The Stability Stage is a 6-month residential program where Fellows have a regular schedule of beneficial activities which includes the mentorship program.

1. Food Program


Food Program (active)

Elevate 61 has a vital relationship with other ministries who provide food for our Fellows. We are then able to prepare or deliver the food to each Fellow. A variety of foods are prepared or distributed on a regular basis including canned vegetables, meats, dried beans / rice, and even peanut butter.

2. Housing Program


Emergency Housing (active)

Once Fellows are received, we assess their current living condition and make a plan to stabilize the men in a safe environment. On an emergency basis, the men are placed in an extended-stay hotel until our team can adequately process their intake documents and consent forms. Elevate 61 works directly with a specific corporation who has multiple locations across Houston and we strategically alter the use of their facilities to minimize trends and therefore offer a secure location for each Fellow. 

Rental Assistance (active)

We offer rental assistance for Fellows who require a little help paying their rent. They each receive a specific amount of funds monthly to use toward paying their rent in an apartment. 

Safe-House (coming soon)

Fellows are admitted into our safe-house where they live with other men whose experiences are similar for about 6-months. They have access to all of the general amenities and are able to meet with their case workers, therapists, and mentors directly on-site. The safe-house has reasonable policies and rules which are in place for everyone’s safety and for accountability. At the safe-house, we have opportunities for men to; exercise, cook, garden, play with a pet, and explore their creative side.

3. Mentorship Program


Mentorship Program (active)

A friendly and trusted person meets each Fellow on a regular basis. The objective is to help each man achieve success in everything they desire by goal setting, encouragement, and strategy. Usual topics discussed are; transportation issues, practice English, bible studies, general advice, vocational/financial concepts, and cultural awareness.