Volunteering Statement

From the core ideology of "excellence" in all that we do, Elevate 61 International volunteering candidates must pass a background review, a drug test, provide references, and pass an interview. Not all people applying for a volunteer position will be accepted. Only those individuals who meet these requirements and who fit well within our core ideologies will be considered.   

Get Involved by Volunteering



If you have a medical background and you think you can contribute your knowledge and skills to benefit these men, then please contact us. We need volunteers like you who can preform evaluations, prescribe medications, and so much more. 

Counseling Services


Typically, these men experience PTSD, depression, and/or anxiety and need someone who will listen to their story and strategize a personalized plan along with develop appropriate coping skills. We need volunteers such as Christian Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), and Psychiatrists, etc. on our team. 



These men need a fresh start and sometimes that involves learning:

 a new job skill, how to manage their money, key biblical principles, how to interview for a job, the basics to obtain a GED, etc. If you are a teacher in one of these areas, then please reach out to us for volunteer opportunities. 

Full-time (Paid)


Operating this facility requires many people who love to serve. We require Resident Assistants (RA's) to live onsite to help with issues that might arise and to provide support to the men. Additionally, we use cooks, a transportation driver, and an Office Staff person who aids in communication and public relations.